Friday, January 31, 2014

These Countries hate Africans With a Passion

Africans Immigrants Protesting in Israel
Israel: Africans immigrants have been labeled “infiltrators”

The state of Israel passed a law that allows migrants to be sent to a desert prison. Since the law came into effect over 300 migrants without valid visas have been detained indefinitely. Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, views the over 60,000 Africans immigrants as a threat to Israel social fabric.
Africans immigrants have been branded as “infiltrators” underlining how much the Israelis love to hate them.
Saudi Arabia: Africans are treated inhumanely
Thousands of Kenyans and other Africans are lured by agents to the Middle East to work as Domestic workers, drivers and other menial jobs. The pay is attractive until you land in Saudi. Many cases have been highlighted of Kenyans coming back to the country in body bags. Africans working in the middle East are subjected to harsh treatment like beatings, low pay, inhumane living conditions and demands to convert to Islam.
South Africans: Xenophobic Attack on foreign Nationals rife
Our brothers from down south should not make to this shameful list but unfortunately they do. Sadly black South Africans loathe poverty stricken African foreigners and have in past unleashed untold terror on them. In 2008, 42 African foreigners were killed and 17,000 displaced soiling the name of the rainbow nation. The xenophobic attacks were directed on foreign Africans who had “taken” black South Africans nationals jobs.
Africans after one of them died
China: If you are black the police will accost you
Africans immigrants from Burkina Faso, Somalia, Ivory Coast , Tanzania, Angola and Kenya have been flocking China’s Guangdong province, reports the UK Guardian. The immigrants are subjected to random arrest by Chinese police who demand passports from any black face they encounter. In the recent past Kenyans have been lured to China with promises of English teaching jobs for children that pay more than any University lecturer in Kenya can dream off. These jobs are a mirage as most Kenyans who found themselves learn’t. Africans are treated like second class citizen never mind that over 2 million Chinese have emigrated to Africa.
Russia and Other Former Soviet Union Countries: Skinheads will mutilate you
Being Black and in Russia calls for extra vigilance. Be on the look- out for skinheads who abhor blacks for whatever reason. If you are in Russia stick to the city center. African students in Russian and other former Soviet Union Universities have recounted horrendous experiences in the hands of skinheads that include beatings and being ridiculed. If you intend to employed in Russia-that won’t happen!
South Korea: Some have never laid in eye on a black person
Apart from racist remarks, South Koreans are a cool people. Of course this Asian lot assumes that all Africans can run-if you are Kenyan-, Rap and play basketball. It is hard to believe but some South Koreans have never laid eyes on a black person before. So if you are visiting the country or seeking asylum don’t be surprised to find yourself becoming a spectacle.
Germany: In some areas you will be attacked or Killed
Eastern Germany is a no-gone zone for an African as racism is very alive. Some certain areas are a death trap for Africans. The hotspots are Marzahn and Hellersdorf in the eastern part of Berlin where you are guaranteed to be attacked and in the worst case scenario killed.
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