Monday, January 13, 2014

Young Kenyan Celebrities: Under 18 and Making it big

Under 18 and Making it big Rose Nasimiyu captured the attention of a nation when she courageously talked about her condition. She was suffering from cancer and that did not seem to dim her aspirations. Nasimiyu inspired thousands who are affected or battling with cancer. Machachari, a local children comedy on Citizen TV, afforded children who were barely 10 years a chance to showcase their talents. Baha, Govi, Almasi, Fatso and a galaxy of other young celebrities where born. Baha has become a household with a near fanatical following. We will also get to meet Kanda Kid whose dance moves are simply out of this world. 

Here are Kenya young celebrities.

 Clare Gituanja  

 Her vocal prowess was manifest when she was barely 2 years old. Her soulful voice has earned Clare Gituanja her berth in the prestigious Diaspora Entertainment Awards and Recognition 2016. Clare has contributed in putting world map.

Kanda Kid: Like father like son

He is a young versatile dancer who has taken after his father Kanda King who is arguably the best lingala dancer in the country. The young celebrity has graced major events including the 10th edition of Milo kid’s festival that was hosted by Churchil and a host of other comedians. Kanda Kid has all the hallmarks of a celebrity and it’s only a matter of time before he dethrones his father from the pedestal of the best Langala dancer in Kenya.

Luca: Is He The Youngest Celebrity in Kenya?
At barely 10 years, Luca who is half Kenyan and Italian, is causing ripples in the local entertainment scene. His impressive performance at the Winton Music Awards caught the attention of Grandpa Records CEO Reffigah who signed him in the staple. The young musician who is an accomplished pianist will also be featured in a leading TV drama series. Luca has released a video with Grandpa Records for his hit single ‘A better place’ that is receiving favorable airplay both on TV and Radio.

 Rose Nasimiyu: Princess of Hope
She exhibited courage in the face of a life threatening illness. Her battle with Hodgkin’s Lymphona, a type of cancer that originates from white blood cells, won her fame across the country. At only nine Nasimiyu played a pivotal role in cancer awareness in a country that only gave prominence to HIV and AIDS. According to a report on The Standard Cancer is ranked the third biggest killer after heart conditions and communicable diseases such as pheumonia, HIV and tuberculosis in the country. Nasimiyu has recorded a song of encouragement that was received well. She has over 100,000 facebook fans on her page.

Erica Njeri
Erica Njeri is on a noble mission that has won her accolades across the country and earned the St Andrews School, Turi student a date with Kenya First Lady Margaret Kenyatta. Her interest was aroused with the appeal of blood donations during the Westgate Siege that saw over 70 Kenyans perish. Njeri will be participating in the Bank of America Chicago Marathon 2013 in her quest to raise KES. 4.3 million to go towards the purchase of a blood donation in the country. The First Lady has also weighed in by setting up an MPesa paybill number where contribution can be made for the purchase of blood units in Kenya. Erica is being sponsored by BloodLink Foundation for the marathon and the Nation Media Group. Erica Njeri is the daughter of Ciku Muiruri, a celebrated Classic FM radio presenter and host.

Baha: Best young talent in Kenya.

Baha is the best actor to have ever graced our screens. His acting career has grown in leap and bounds and he doesn’t seem to slow down. Kamau Mbaya or Baha as he popularly known is an actor on Kenya number one children comedy Machachari that is aired on Citizen TV. His acting prowess has landed him roles in the international acclaimed movie ‘First Grader’. At 14 years he beat seasoned actors like Ian Mbugua,Collin Simpson and David Lomunyak scooping the Kalasha Film and TV awards for the best lead actor in The Briecase where he played Obi. Kamau Mbaya mother Beth Mbaya, who passed away early this year, was an accomplished actor who played Wannade in Mother in Law program.

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