A woman sue Kenneth Marende seeking Sh 400,000 as upkeep for a child he is alleged to have sired


Former National Assembly Speaker Kenneth Marende is a trouble man after a woman sued him seeking Sh400,000 as monthly upkeep for a child he sired. Children’s Court Principal Magistrate F. Munyi has already issued orders directing Marende to pay Sh103,000 as school fees. He is also to pay insurance for his 3 year old daughter, rent and medical cover.

The woman told the court that Marende was performing his responsibility diligently until November 2013 when he ceased to pay for the child’s upkeep.

The woman wants to court to order Marende to pay school fees in the tune of Sh 180,000,(Sh90,000), clothing (Sh60,000), entertainment (Sh100,000), electricity (Sh10,000), water (Sh5,000) and a care giver (Sh12,000)and have custody of the daughter. The case has been scheduled on February 26.

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