Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Are these celebrities gay or is it mudslinging by Kenya Daily Post?

One of the most controversial blog Kenya Daily Post has posted a list of celebrities who it alleges are homosexuals and haven’t done a Binyavanga just yet..
The popular website that has over 100,000 followers listed the following celebrities as gay..
MAINA KAGENI-Classic FM Presenter
According to the Daily Post, Maina Kageni is “a worldwide faggot” who has a boyfriend overseas who he visits and has bought him luxurious house and cars in the US.

IAN MUGOYA-Entertainment Journalist & Tv Presenter, Producer, Actor, MC, Model

He is a prolific TV presenter who hosts Str8-Up on KTN. It is alleged that he is busy being banged by some rich fellows who pay him big buck. That sounds far-fetched given that Ian Mugoya has been in relationships with a number of beauties.
JIMMY GAIT-Gospel Artist
Award winning gospel artists has had a past of homosexuality but he reformed. According to the Daily Post the gospel artist has been spotted checking in a city hotel “with a huge built for some backstabbing”. Another scathing attack has been directed to Anto Neosol saying that the two have a thingy.
Talented Chimano has always denied being gay. Last year a blog alleged that all the members were gay prompting the group to think of taking legal action. His looks and leaked files indicate that he is super gay’, Via Daily Post.
WILLY PAUL-Gospel Artist
He is undoubtedly one of the hottest gospel artist in Kenya today. It came as a shocker when the Willy Paul was bundled among the gay celebrities in Kenya. The blog alleges that Willy Paul was in a relationship with a stinky rich wheat farmer from Eldoret before he dumped him for an executive in the formal sector.
The macho Jeff Koinange is, according to the blog, gay because of ‘feminine hairstyle and heavy makeup’.

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