Thursday, February 20, 2014

Do Tusker Project Fame Winners get drank with fame and fortune and end up in Oblivion?

Tusker project Fame is the most watched reality TV show in the East African Region. It showcases the best musical talents from Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, South Sudan, Rwanda and Burundi. Those who emerge victorious bag a cool 5 Million and a host of other goodies. Here are the past winners and how ther music careers have stagnated…
Tusker Project Fame-season 1 2006
Valeria Kimani made Kenyan proud by being the first winner of the TPF season winner. The singing sensation musical career was hit with controversy when she was impregnated by renowned musician Eric Wainaina. The singer cum actor is steadily trying to resuscitate her musical career after a long hiatus after the illicit affair with Eric. Valeria Kimani is also an accomplished actor.
Tusker Project Fame-Season II Year: 2008
Who remembers Esther Nabaasta Mugizi? Well, she was the winner of the TPF season II top prize. The talented Ugandan has never been heard since pocketing the Sh. 5 Million.
Tusker Project Fame-Season III Year: 2009
Alpha Rwirangira was Lucky Dube reincarnate. The dude from Rwanda performance was second to none and it did not come as a surprise when he bagged the Sh 5 Million. Of course like his predecessors he went under. He blames TPF for his woes.
TPF-Season IV winner 2012
Uganda was second time lucky when David Hillary Ntare emerged the winner. The guy went back to Uganda with UG Sh. 143 million. He was been in out of Kenya but nothing substantial has come from the TPF IV winner.
TPF-Season 5 Winner-Ruth Matete
Ruth Matete wowed us with her golden voice. But like the curse that has defined the previous winner Matete went completely out of the musical picture. She has been courting controversy after controversy. The star was spotted drank and behaving erratic according to some bloggers.
TPF Season 6-Hope
Burudi was ably represented by Hope who clinched the cool Sh. 5 million. The jazz singer has not yet done any music to shake the East African music scene. Will Hope thrive where his predecessors have failed? Only time will tell.

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