Thursday, February 20, 2014

Felly Fel Lyrical Prowess Is Undeniable…

Felly Fel lyrical prowess is undeniable. The hard hitting rapper from Kisumu started his musical Journey when he was Lions High school aged only 15 years. The influential Kisumu hip hop rapper sharpened his lyrical prowess at club Royale-currently known as Klub Romours in Kisumu where he performed live. It was in High school that the talented Felly Fel combined forces with another lyrical ill MC Young Zee to record GAVA GAVA at KT South Franchize studio. The duo did not last as Young Zee was involved in a fatal road accident in 2008. Felly Fel was devastated by the news of his friends death that he contemplated leaving music altogether.
A project they were undertaking with Young Zee at KT South Franchize collapsed. It was only after the rapper met Osuro Jarateng, a video director and graphic designer at Jarateng Filmz Productions, that the Gava Ya Kando was shot. The award winning star made a comeback in the music industry with Cliff Thepoet, Mc Haruni, Queen hecky Rap Diva. The group churned some of the most listened hip hop hits in Kenya.
The hit maker won the best HIP-HOP ARTIST OF THE YEAR VYBEZ AWARDS -2013. Later that year he shot a video for the hit song ''SITARUSHA MAWE TENA ft Mc Haruni that received massive airplay. The artist together with Kambi Flani Family were the Peace Ambassador during and after the last general elections.
“I love peace, building it all around me an i also love children because they are the leaders of tomorrow and i feel that they should be respected and given their rights at all time and anywhere.My ambitions are to be break the airwaves and come up with a hip hop rap academy here in Kisumu”, opined the gifted hip hop artist.