Monday, February 17, 2014

Has the Daily Post Gone too far By Alluding that Vanessa Chettle is a loose cannon who has slept with every Tom, Dick and HarRy and infected Them With HIV…

The Daily Post posted some damning allegations against Vanessa Chettle accusing her of having unprotected s2xual encounters with Kiss FMs Shaffie Weru, Nick Mutuma and Effy among other celebrities. The venomous piece that appeared on Daily Post further accuses Vanessa of being banged by top Kenyan Deejays “behind DJ booths during night parties with her latest s*xual escapade being at Club Changes (Believe it or not – behind the DJ booth).”
The 16 year old beautiful Vanessa, according to the blog, is living with a Mzungu who is in in 80’s in Valley Arcade. The article trashes the socialite name by alluding that she has infected those she has had intercourse with HIV and that they should visit “nearest VCT to know their HIV status”.

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Anonymous said...

What are grown men doing having sex with a minor?