Sunday, February 23, 2014

Huddah Monroe and Colonel Moustapha are seeking cheap publicity if today’s interview on KTN Kiti Moto is anything to go by…

Huddah Monroe and Colonel Moustapha gave jumbled answers on their new found love on KTN Kiti Moto. When the host Mwanaisha Chidzuga asked the Moustapha if they were in a relationship the response was rather confusing with the two first saying they were just friends. When pressed Huddah said that the Lenga Stress artist was indeed “my man now”.
The two seemed unsure and one would be forgiven for thinking that they were looking for publicity with the suggestive semi-nude photos they posted on social media. Moustapha went on to declare: “ I am madly in love with Huddah. She is the ultimate definition of romance. I wonder why Prezzo wasn’t maintaining her well. Besides, I could not get such steamy love from Marya,”
“Hii ndio kifo ya Azonto (this is the end of the great one). Whoever can’t stand it can go ahead and commit suicide,” said the artist in Jest.
Huddah stated that they were in a relationship with Colonel Moustapha and that Prezzo was old news.

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