Is Redeemed Gospel Church Top Leadership perpetrating Corruption and Nepotism


The Redeemed Gospel Church (RGC) has been accused of perpetrating tax evasion and nepotism, reports Nairobian. It is alleged that the son of Bishop Kitonga, Pastor John Bankosky Kitonga gave instructions to the church accountant, Paul K. Munyao, not to tax his salary. In the damning revelation the pastor directs Munyao not to tax his salary and cease from questioning him on charges of nepotism within the church.
In a rather terse memo, the young Kitonga reveals why finance manager Jospeh Ndirangu was shown the door. “I have terminated the services of former finance manager Joseph Ndirangu, because of the taxation and human resource issues he has been raising during internal audits”, reads part of the memo.
The pastor has employed his cousins Sammy Kiseve the garderner, Ruth Kiseve the receptionist and Zipporah Kiseve the team maker. The young Kitonga told the accountant that issues to do with KRA would be handled with his father, Bishop Kitonga.
“My father is a kingpin and a public respected clergy. Any acts by the KRA or any other department of the government pointing fingers towards us will be handled personally by him in collaboration with top officials of the particular authority”.
The man of God also promises the accountant if he remains loyal he will remain in employment.

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