KAG pastor Caught with his congregant at a Karatina Hotel…


The agility of a Kenya Assembly Gospel pastor saved him from an enraged man who caught him with his wife at a luxurious karatina hotel.

The amorous pastor had travelled form Embu with the man’s wife-who is a congregant at his church-for the secret liaison not knowing that they were being trailed. The snooping husband discovered about the secret tryst while going through the wife’s phone.

Once the two had settled in their hotel room the husband busted in and started raining heavy jabs on the startled pastor. It was the swiftness of the pastor that saved the day. He bolted from the fuming man and dashed to his car before speeding off.

The man revealed that he has been to the pastor before with his wife for counseling when their marriage was on the rocks not knowing the pastor had other ideas.

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