Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Kisumu Hip Hop First Lady Needah Is Simply Unstoppable if Her Latest Hit is anything to go by

The lyrical prowess of Kisumu hip hop first lady is second to none. What is rather baffling is why Eddah Obundo, popularly known as Needah is not a household name in Kenya. Her catchy rhymes and persona are the ingredients great artists are made of. Her single Ktown, A song extolling Kisumu uniqueness, featuring Nanha is a gem. The choice of Nahna in the song is genius as her vocal abilities are on point.
Needah has also released swali, Safari ya Mapenzi and Tamu love.
The Kisumu hip hop first lady Ktown video is well thought although we needed to see more of Kisumu City. Yawa dance crew have spiced the video with their mesmerizing dance moves.


Anonymous said...

Needa is a great musician with an exemplary voice.I have listened to her latest release safari ya Mapenzi and the song is just awesome..guys you need to check that out..

I salute Needa and wish her the very best..Where can we get her Music?

Fredrick said...

Video for Safari ya mapenzi