Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Mama Nyaguthii of Papa Shirandula Comedy Show Accused of Being a husband Snatcher

Actress Mary Adhiambo Airo who plays mama Nyaguthii in Papa Sharandula comedy show has been accused of being a husband snatcher. This is after she posted a photo of herself and a man on a social media platform and told the world that he was his prince charming. An incensed lady who goes by the name Slyvia Chebet claimed that the man in question was married to her for 12 years before he went
The MIA.
The woman is quoted by Niaje saying:

“Thanks guys for all the comments, let me tell you men who allow themselves to be stolen by women are after one thing for sure, 1 Money coz one i dont believe that someone would just wake up one morning and decided to go and leave in the woman’s and he is living behind a wife who is younger than him and the woman is even older than him by far. i have decided to move on and please guys am not bothered coz i have a job and kids who will keep my life going. I love God and it is well my dia ladies. Let her keep him coz this has really taught me what i dont want to be in life”

The man who is reported to have left his family for Nyaguthii

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