Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Nahna: The Finest Female Artist From the Lakeside City of Kisumu

Nahna is one of the finest artists to have ever emerged from Kisumu. The songstress has cut a niche as the most illustrious celebrity from the lakeside city pelting hit after hit. Here is an interview she granted The Infomer…..
Q: The Five things I cant live without.

Nahna: Drinking Water, I pod, My Phone, Music, Clutch ladies

Q: My Motto:
Nahna: The needs of many outweighs the needs of the few.

Q: My favorite song to belt out at the bar/car/karaoke.
Nahna: Jodie –Sugar Coconut and Mango Tree, Winyo- Geri Teri

Q: Ten years from now?
Nahna: Am aiming at being able to own my own band and also learning instruments like Nyatiti and Orutu.

Q: My sound in 3 words
Nahna: African Contemporary Music

Q: Songs you would get in my Ipod

Nahna: Olith Ratego-Camila, Iddi Achieng- Nyar dande, Winyo-Gari Teri, Jodie-Sugar Cocount, Zahara-Loliwe

Q: An artist I would open up on tour:

Nahna: Olith Ratego, Winyo

Q: My favourite thing to do when am not writing/producing/playing

Nahna: Watching Movies and Having fun with my friends.

Q: Where do you derive your inspiration to compose songs?

Nahna: I get my Inspiration from things that I see happen around me, some from my own experience and my friends. Others from what I listen to from elderly folks and emerging topics.

Q: Do you get Nervous before a performance

Nahna: Yes I do get Nervous…..hehehheee everyone does.

Q: Are you seeing someone
Nahna: No comment.