Friday, February 7, 2014

Nini Wacera: Reveals she has dated women before but hasn’t given up on men

More celebrities are coming out of the closet with revelations of their sexual preferences. Actress Nini Wacera, who stars in Kona, does not see anything wrong with falling “in love with a beautiful woman”. The actress has revealed to having a thingy with women but has completely given up on men according to an interview she granted Drum Magazine.
This is quoted as saying:
”I have had relationships with women but, no I am not a lesbian. I don’t consider myself a lesbian, heterosexual or bisexual. I am just a human being who loves other human beings and that’s it. I don’t understand this whole sex barrier thing. Why does erotic love have to be between male and female only? Why am I not allowed to fall in love with a beautiful woman?”

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