Friday, February 21, 2014

Pastor Geoffrey Maingi who died in a woman's bed while naked is not an adulterer, claims Church members...

Church members of Redeemed Gospel Church have come out to strongly defend their late Pastor Geoffrey Maingi of adultery. The Church members accused the public of peddling lies to the man of cloth. According to the police officer investigating the death, the 70 year pastor was found naked in Esther Wavinya bed.
“I didn’t know he was a pastor until he died. I was even more shocked when his wife came and caused a scene outside the building. She told us mchungaji wa Mungu ametuaibisha. Sielewi hii ni kazi gani tunafanya (the man of God has ashamed us. I do not understand what we are doing),” said Henry Ogutu, a neighbour.

The neigbor said that the pastor was a frequent visitor since 2012 to Ms Wavinya rental house in Buruburu.

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