Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Raphael Tuju denies placing an advert on the lonely heart column seeking for love

Former cabinet minister Raphael Tuju has distanced himself from an advert that appeared on the Saturday Nation lonely hearts column suggesting that he was seeking for a partner. The man, who Tuju claims to be an impersonator, invited interested women to reach him through his mobile number or a short text message.

The number according to Nairobi News was registered to Raphael Tuju although the man who placed the advert goes by the name Edwin Makunda. The details the impersonator gave fitted that of Tuju.

The post on the lonely hearts column read:

“Tuju is a 53-year-old separated man. Whenever God asks you to give something up, He is never trying to take that thing away. He is trying to get something better for you. I am here ready for someone better”.

Tuju was involved in a court case seeking to divorce his wife of 27 years alleging that she was cheating on him with a General Service Unit ex-officer Anthony Ogunda, who died while the case was ongoing.
Tuju has reported the matter to the CID

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