Friday, February 28, 2014

Tahidi High Actress Teacher Chebii Pees On Herself and Accuses Bartender of Attempted Rape

Tahidi High actress Lydia Nyambura Githachu, popularly known as Teacher Chebii peed on herself to distract a barman from raping her on Valentine’s Day. The bartender told the Nairobian that he only slapped the actress after she drunk herself to lunacy and went ahead to relieve herself on the club premises. Fearing that she would be exposed the actress reported James Michuria Mwaniki to the police three days after the incident. “I got so angry at her behaviour, and I slapped her. She then panicked at the thought of news of her misbehaviour spreading throughout the neighbourhood and fabricated a lie that I wanted to rape her.” The bartender was quoted by the Nairobian
“If indeed I wanted to rape her, then why did she continue drinking even after all the drama? Why did she have to wait for three days so as to report the case to the police?” posed the bartender.
The bartender was slapped a fine of Sh30,000 as compensation for slapping the actress.

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