Sunday, February 16, 2014

Top Eight Broke Kenyan Celebrities

Celebrities are known to overindulge and end up being super broke. Investment is a foreign language to them. Here are eight celebrities who are broke or are headed in that direction.
Note: The list aint exhaustive
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Walter Mongare aka Nyambane
Funny guy Nyambane has had his fair share of tribulations when it comes to money matters. The comedian was at one time reported to have lost a chunk of his property in the hands of unrelenting auctions. Good news is that Nyambane has a new job as Kisii County Communication Boss.
This flashy rapper almost got stuck in Dubai after a show he was to perform turned out to be a major flop as he found he was the only fan in the audience. The coast based rapper who relocated to Nairobi and formed an alliance with Prezzo had to plead for help to get a flight back to Kenya. This confirmed our fears that the artist is a hand to mouth celebrity.
The under 18 hit maker misery began with his dalliance with the brown bottle. Jimw@t almost lost his life when he was involved in a road accident. The rapper could not pay for his hospital bills and it took the intervention of philanthropic singer Jaguar to clear his bill.
Ruth Matete
Tusker Project fame Season 5 winner Ruth Matete was all tears-of joy-when she won the 5 Million. The girl who passionately sang Hallelujah has not recorded any new music or ventured in business we know of. If the artist is not broke then she is fast headed in that direction.
Shaevy and Slice
The duo wowed us with the dancehall hit single Gyal that is said to have topped Jamaican charts!! Their single received enormous airplay but the two remained in abject poverty. One half of the group is reported to be involved in criminal activities. Shaevy and Slice downfall is attributed to con promoters who made a kill from their hit. The duo live in squalor in Kayole.
Makini Aka CMB Prezzo aka King Mswati
The lad is known to flaunt his wealth with abandon. What many don’t know is that Prezzo is not as rich as he appears. Controversial socialite confirmed this when she went all ballistic on Prezzo calling him a broke mama’s boy.
Bobby Mapesa
The witty rapper with some ill rhymes is reported to have been wasted with alcohol. Bobby Mapesa reportedly resides in Huruma under untold financial difficulties.
American accented delivery coupled with his easy flowing rhymes made him a household name in Kenya. His tribulations started when he could not control his alcohol cravings sliding to oblivion. He reported to having difficulties making ends meet and has become a permanent fixture in Rongai Shopping Centre. Kantai is working on making a comeback.

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