Thursday, March 6, 2014

Am not sleeping with Producer Ricky Bekko, L.A Rota states

Kisumu City songbird L.A Rota has rubbished allegations that she is sleeping with CMG video producer Ricky Becko. The talented artist told The Informer that the relation she has with Ricky Bekko is strictly professional and she doesn’t use shortcuts to have her videos shot. L.A Rota admitted that she was well aware of the rumors.

“I don’t know but there has been that rumor for a while since in showbiz people think ladies have to date cimetographers/video producers to shoot videos. I pay fully for my video and am even releasing my third video in April”.
L.A Rota stated that the man in her life is music producer Amoh Amoh who also works at CMG.
“The rumor is false my video producer is Ricky Becko from CMG and we have never dated and are not planning to. We are strictly professional but am dating my music producer Amoh Amoh from CMG”.

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