Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Bruce Odhiambo Raped My Ex And Conned Me Sh3 Million, Bamboo Claims

Bamboo has made damning accusation against veteran music producer and multi-instrumentalist Bruce Odhiambo of raping his ex-girlfriend and conning him. According the secular turned gospel rapper, Bruce conned him a staggering Sh3 Million and raped his ex who was then aged 17 years. Bruce has not responded to the allegations yet.
Here is the update from Bamboo:
Bruce Odhiambo raped my ex-girlfriend Anisa Njeri Ndisi when she was only 17yrs old. She personally told me this so it's not a rumor. Bruce also ripped me off for over Kshs 3million after last years presidential election by refusing to pay me,money he was paid for me by the party. If you are dealing with Bruce Odhiambo be very careful.
Bamboo Ex who was allegedly raped by Bruce Odhiambo

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