Saturday, March 1, 2014

Cliff The Poet is a Cut Above The Rest

His artistry on the spoken word is enviable. He breathes, speaks and dreams poetry. Listening to Cliff the Poet spew those lines is soothing, comforting and at the same time hilarious. Dear Ex is what you will want to listen when your relationship goes asunder. One is tempted to associate the poem to an encounter Cliff the Poet underwent. His other recorded works are also amazing especially Genesis Of Love that was not only a hit in Kenya but Atlanta.

The poet has also been featured in a peace song dubbed Amani together with Team Kambi Flani to spread peace during the last general elections.


christine akoth said...

nice one

christine akoth said...

nice one

fellyfel Kambi-flani said...

salute great poet #takeoverseason "DEAR EX" DOPPEST

Cliff Thepoet said...

simply the REAL definition of me