Monday, March 3, 2014

Did Willy Paul Score a D+ or a B Plain?

Gospel sensation Willy Paul scored a mean grade of B plain in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education according to Ghetto Radio Blog. This claim has been rubbished by yet another blog that claims the Lala Salama scored a D+. According to the Daily Post, Willy Paul scored a mean grade of D+ and an E in mathematics. The artist had promised to post his results on facebook but he has gone under.
The artists has been the subject of ridicule on the social media…Check out this:
Usijitie Kitanzi Willy Paul. Hehehehe ..Mola Yunawe.”  
“I can now understand why Willy Paul sang Sitolia. He is really crying..Ahahahaha.”
 The awkward moment when Willy Paul fails in CRE and he is a gospel singer #KOT
 Huddah must be very proud of Willy Paul.... He got a D
Result Slip







Home Science-D

Mean Grade-D+

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