Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Did you know Kenyan Women Make the worst Leaders?

Powerful Kenyan female personalities can be aloof, arrogant and corrupt than their male counterparts. Here is a list of Kenyan female leaders who give women a bad name…
Former Deputy Chief Justice The Hon. Lady Justice Nancy Makokha Baraza
Her stint as the Deputy Chief Justice and Vice President of The Supreme Court of Kenya was brutally short and exhibited the arrogance of women once they taste power. The former Deputy CJ slapped a security guard, Rebecca Kerubo, when she attempted to frisk her at a Village Market shopping Mall checkpoint. A seven-member tribunal recommended that Nancy Makokha should leave office for ‘gross misconduct’ forcing her to resign.
Former Chief Registrar of the Judiciary Gladys Boss Shollei
Apart from being accused of engaging in corrupt dealings by the JSC, Gladys Boss Shollei came under scrutiny with the manner in which she suspended and disciplined staff without following the proper procedure. Shollei who was shown the door for her conduct was also accused of irregular hiring of employees and assigning them jobs far beyond their qualifications.
Nairobi Women Representative Rachael Shebesh
She is synonymous with scandals. Power seems to have gone to her head bringing out the worst in her. Rachael Shebesh was slapped with Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero who in his defense claimed that the women representative hit him on the groins. This is not the first time the Shebesh has been involved in scandalous affairs that continue to taint women’s reputations.
Former First Lady Lucy Kibaki
This was a first lady who was action oriented and did not seem to mind dirtying her hands. Former President Mwai Kibaki wife, together with her security detail stormed the Nation Media offices to protest the paper’s portrayal of her family. Lucy Kibaki slapped a Nation cameraman filming her tirade. Another victim of her hot temper was Gitubo Imanyara and a hapless MC who refered to her as Lucy Wambui.
Nominated Senator Elizabeth Ongoro
The then Kasarani MP Elizabeth Ongoro was accused of giving her husband, Ferdinand Masha Kenga a beating that saw him hospitalized for three days in Nairobi Hospital. Ferdinand Masha denied those allegations made by The Star daily but that did not quell the rumors. It is in very rare circumstances that an African man let the world know that he is a victim of domestic violence.

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