Friday, March 21, 2014

Gospel Musician Fautin Munishi's Son Is a Suspected Hardcore Criminal and a drug addict

Gospel singer Faustin Munishi’s son is a hardcore criminal and a drug addict. The troubled teen was named by Oloolua residents as a member of a gang that has been terrorizing them. He was subsequently arrested and arraigned in a Kibera court.
His father, who wowed East African with the hit single Niko Nchini Ya Mwamba defended his son against those allegations. He was quoted by the Nairobian as saying:
“This is not true. He was arrested, put in a cell for two days then taken to a Kibera court and was released without being charged for any wrongdoing. I was in court but he was taken to an office behind the court and I was not allowed in that office to hear what charges police have against him.”
Munishi though admitted that his son was a drug addict and was in rehabilitation. Munishi claimed that his son was introduced to drugs ‘by people who wanted to use that against me’.

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