Friday, March 14, 2014

Jasigan Kenya Challenges Frankie Jay for A rap Battle to Settle their Beef…..

Engluo rapper Jasigan Kenya has dared Frankie Jay for a rap battle to squash their beef once and for all. The rapper claims that Frankie Jay is trying to make a name in the showbiz industry by creating a beef to attract attention to his music. “Frankie Jay is unknown in Kisumu and the only way he can make a name for himself is through bashing me” said an infuriated Jasigan.
The rapper rubbished assertions by Frankie Jay that he was denied a chance to perform at Hippo Club, “Frankie jay is simply trying to seek attention from my fans. And i was never denied performance chance I was at hippo kujibamba thats all. But if he thinks he is tight than me JASIGAN then let his management and mine organize a rap battle.”
Will Frankie Jay Take The Challenge?

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