Friday, March 7, 2014

Kisumu King Of Rap June Rapsha Does Not Bribe to Be Interviewed or To Have His Music Played, Claims Artist Rep..

Kisumu self proclaimed king of rap June Rapsha brushed off allegations that he bribes for interviews and his music to played in leading local TV stations. The rapper representative Shaffie Boy Kaloleni wondered how one can bribe Dj Kaytrixx, Mr. T and Ian Mugoya who are paid handsomely. The hard hitting Shaffie Boy claimed that Kisumu artiste don't invest in quality production.
“u cant record for 2k n expect to compete with artiste who spend over 15k on an audio thats y kisumu music made in kisumu cant go far ,coz June rapsha n joyner mamake are the brand of kisumu city”, Shaffie asserted.
The rep who also admins June Rapsha facebook page termed those peddling the rumors as “cheap artiste with poor mind n low sight vision for kisumu city.”

June Rapsha shot Donge video in Kenya and Dubai. He also did a Hustler with Mac K from the US.


Anonymous said...

Watch "Hustler-June Rapsha & Mac-K [Official EBU Video] Dir Crizo Mzeyah" on YouTube -
Donge by June rapsha n joyner mamake music video then here Http:// donge music video shot in dubai n kisumu kenya.

Anonymous said...

he is not self proclaimed he is our king he has topped on TV as he is based in kisumu as most of em run to stay in Nairobi to make a name rapsha made it possible n proved snitxhes wrong that so lazima u change base