Sunday, March 9, 2014

Margaret Kenyatta Is The Coolest First Lady In Africa

Photos: Facebook
In the history of Kenya and probably the larger Africa we have never seen a cooler First Lady like Margaret Kenyatta. Margaret Kenyatta is not known for crisscrossing the world for extravagance shopping sprees in European cities or the arrogance exhibited by other African First ladies from poorer countries than Kenya.
The First lady sense of fashion is spot on unlike her predecessor Lucy Kibaki. She has the heart to serve the underprivileged Kenyans and this was best exemplified by her Beyond Zero Campaign geared towards improving maternal healthcare and buying mobile clinics. The first lady finished the marathon-a fete that has never been accomplished by any other First lady!
This is what President Kenyatta had to say:
I could not be prouder of Margaret for running and finishing the marathon today, the first by a First Lady anywhere on the globe. She did this as part of her Beyond Zero campaign whose goal is to improve maternal health care, and to buy mobile clinics to ensure that many of our people have access to important health facilities. Thank you all for the support you showed today. God Bless you all.

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