Monday, March 10, 2014

Meet Kenya least Learned Self Styled Pastors who are worth millions of Shillings

Bishop Thomas Wahome of Helicopter Ministries
The controversial Bishop has the ability to tell if your name is in the book of life once you part Ksh 1200. Before he ventured into the lucrative gospel industry he was a watchman in Kasarani.

Prophetess Bishop Lucy Nduta -Salvation Healing Ministry
She dropped out of school in class 2. The self-proclaimed prophetess found herself in trouble with the authorities when she duped some of her congregants into believing she could heal HIV/AIDS. After numerous highly publicized cases the prophetess made a tactical retreat and introduced her son Bishop Kanyari to the scene to take over.
Bishop Victor Kanyari
His education background is rather scanty. What we know however is that the man of God has never been in a Bible school.
Gilbert Deya-Gilbert Deya Ministies
Gilbert Deya like most self-styled Bishop has never stepped in a bible school. The Bishop hardly refers from the scripture-he instead relies on the holy spirit for guidance when delivering summons. He was the brain child behind the miracle babies where he enabled infertile believers to conceive. The good Bishop is currently fighting a string of sexual assaults cases.
Dr Bishop Margaret Wanjiru-Jesus Is Alive Ministry
Men and women of God love big titles and this is best exemplified by one Margaret Wanjiru .The Bishop bequeathed herself the title of Doctor-a title in all fairness she does not deserve. She redeemed herself after she graduated from St. Pauls University.
Bishop Pius Muiru-Maximum Miracle Centre
He has a thunderous voice has endeared him to many. His ministry has grown in leaps and bounds. Bishop Pius Muiru has very little formal education.
Apostle Nganga
His grasp of the English language has been the butt of jokes in the social media. The pastor owns a multi-million hotel and drives a Range Rover. He enjoys police escort. Before he ventured in the gospel industry, pastor Nganga was a hawker.

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