Mr and Miss Maseno Event Organizers Could Have Done Better By Incorporating Artists From Kisumu…


Mr and Miss Maseno
The Just concluded Mr. and Miss Maseno brought to the fore the reality of how difficult an artist from Kisumu can land a major gig in the lakeside city. It was rather disheartening that all the artist who graced the event had been ‘imported’ from Nairobi. Save for Dj P Scratch and MC Jamtaa, all the other artists were from Nairobi. Ofcourse Rabbit, Kenrazy, Avril and DJ Hassan did not disappoint but that did not mean that artists from K-City were to be excluded.

According to singer L.A Rota, the problem lies squarely with organizers who don’t believe in home grown talent. “The reason why Kisumu artists don’t perform in shows is because the organizers don’t believe that they can deliver as much as artists from Kisumu or Coast.” Rota added that it is paramount for event organizers to recognize their efforts. “Kisumu should borrow a leaf from Coast in terms of appreciating their owns”.

Poor pay and being put through auditions is another factor that put off Kisumu artists from participating in gigs.
I had a chance to ask the top Kisumu artists why they are by passed and this is the responses I got:

Shaffie Boy Kaloleni a rep of June Rapsha: For maseno uni event its a pity n its sad they didn’t even pick a kisumu based artistes n we hope that u also get UA jobs in nrbi Jaluo en jaa nyiegoo!!!!!!!!

Nahna: Shows that are organized in Kisumu give preferential treatment to artist from NairoBI. The pay is way better than what we get and that’s why we give such events a wide berth.
Clastar Adi ashment King-dancehall artist: It is a gud thing for our artists to be featured in bigs events but again it takes a lot to qualify for any cooperate deal……its time our artists woke up n started doing things more professionally…..i cant blame the event organizers for going for Nairobi artists…n i cant blame our artists too….but I urge them to wake up n reclaim their positions as Kenya finest.

Malique-Starbel Producer: The producers and industry players look down on local talent. There is a notion that only Nairobi acts are the only ones worth paying and gracing major events. Why should our artists who are equally talented perform for free when their Nairobi counterparts are paid colossal amounts? You can audition a big name in the industry and pay them only 2K

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  1. Brayofighter Rap artist from K-City,
    i Do Believe in my self No-matter wot and How people Or event Organizers (like such) tend to look Down upon Our efforts as Lake side artist; i Believe We All hav Potential: Mine Does NOT Come with a Price So I wud Gladly Perform Free of Charge if i had a chance to.
    So i keep in Mind "Prophets ar Rejected in their Own Home Town"


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