Friday, March 14, 2014

News Anchor Swaleh Mdoe May Face Jail Time for Neglecting Love Child

Citizen TV News anchor Swaleh Mdoe has not been paying child support for a child he sired in 2004 even after being ordered by the Children's court to do so.The popular Swahili news anchor, who the woman claims earns Sh750,000 per month, has been directed to appear before the children court to explain why he has failed to meet his obligation or face jail time. According to Fauzia Ahmed, through her lawyer Danstan Mogaka, the two cohabited from 2001 and the child was born in 2004. Mdoe has denied siring the baby girl saying he is happily married and has children. The plaintiff wants the court to attach Swaleh salary for the upkeep of the child at Sh21,000 per month.

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