Monday, March 10, 2014

Raila Odinga is a bad loser who won’t accept defeat gracefully

Former Kenya Prime Minister Raila Odinga has never conceded defeat since he started vying for the elective positions in 1994.
Here is a chronology of how Raila Odinga popularly Known as Agwambo reacts when he loses at an election:
Michael Wamalwa Kijana Vs Raila Odinga: 1994
The death of Kenya doyen of opposition Jaramogi Odinga ushered a power struggle for the chairmanship of Ford Kenya. In Raila characteristic fashion he attempted to wrestle the party leadership from Kijana Wamalwa who had faithfully stood by his father. Raila could not contemplate playing second fiddle prompting him to jump ship and form National Development Party (PDP).
Kibaki VS Raila Odinga 2007
This must have one of the most painful period of Raila Odinga as he lost narrowly to Kibaki by only 230,000 votes. The violence that followed after the presidential results were announced marked the darkest period of Kenya history. Raila Odinga and his brigade disputed the elections results alleging fraud. Kenyans turned against each other and in the process thousands were killed and property worth millions of shillings destroyed. It was the effort of the international community led by Koffi Annan that brought sanity.
Uhuru Kenyatta VS Raila Odinga 2013
The polls had given Raila Odinga a clear winnover his closest rival Uhuru Kenyatta, the incumbent President. Uhuru Kenyatta and Co. dismissed the polls and concentrated on a well oiled and organized campaign. Meanwhile Raila was busy dancing on daises across the country-and icing his well attended rallies with his famous Riddles-vitendawili. Kenyans voted and we had a new President. Raila and his running mate Kalonzo Musyoka cried foul as usual. The case went to the Supreme Court and the evidence was overwhelmingly in favor of Uhuru Kenyatta.
Ababu Namwamba Team VS Raila Odinga 2014
The Budalangi MP Ababu Namwamba has fashioned himself as a powerful figure in ODM. Raila Odinga and his sycophant were not comfortable with team Namwamba holding powerful positions in the party and so a plan was hatched. The Raila led side hired goons, now popularly known as Men in black to disrupt the elections. The men in black swang into action after Raila side sensed defeat disrupting the party elections.

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