Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Rituals that Must Be Observed In The Luhya Community Before One Is Buried..

Before one is buried in the Luhya community the following rites have to be observed.
A cow must be slaughtered when an adult dies in the community before he/she is buried. This is a sign of respect to the dead and it signifies transition from this world to hereafter.

If a man was in a polygamous marriage, he must be buried in the first wife parcel of land. Incase it’s the wife who dies; the man cannot be allowed to bury her until he pays the outstanding dowry.

In a situation where a person dies from unnatural causes like suicide, accident or is killed, he/she must be buried at night. The departed person has to be buried by his or her maternal uncles who will be required to perform a ritual known as Ukhusola. The ritual involves hitting anything at their sight to avoid a repeat of the same in the family.

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When an elderly woman passes own, her people must be given a cow-a rite known as Eshikaliro in luhya language. Her spirit will haunt the family if this rite is not observed.

If a single man dies a thorn is pierced in his genitals. This ritual is observed so that other male members of the family don’t end up single.
A woman who is either single or has returned to her parents’ home can only be buried at the rear of the boma where the grave is not exposed.
Incase the dead had twins, his/her grave must be covered with bananas leaves to avoid hailstorms from befalling the village.

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