Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Ruth Matete Is allegedly Insane…

TPF season 5 winner Ruth Matete has reportedly gone insane. This, according to unconfirmed reports, led her boyfriend to dump her.
Uhondo blog claimed that the talented singer squandered all her wealth forcing her to go back to her parent’s house. The singer who dazzled East Africans with her powerful vocals has been reduced to a total wreck and her drinking habit is causing concern to those who are close to her. According to the same blog, she was spotted running around the estate totally nak3d and throwing tantrums to everyone, saying,“do you know me Motherfuck*ers, i can kill you and eat your brains.” She was rescued by her father from near death after he found her ingesting poison.
His father, Abel Amunga, took to his Facebook page to express his support to his troubled daughter:
“I’ve always been proud of my daughter before and after TPF5. I alone know how far she’s come from and how far God is yet to take her.”

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