Superpower Gang



Super Power has made life for residents and business people in Eastleigh a living hell

These Two Suspected Superpower Thugs Were Killed In Cold Blood

Barely in their 20’s, this terror gang is ruthless and will kill at any slight provocation. Superpower is so brazen and commits acts of theft in broad daylight. Their signature hairstyle is a Mohawk and weapon of choice is Somali knife. Area of operation is Eastleigh estate. Crack units have been formed with orders to kill the young bloodthirsty boys. Police Commander Japheth Koome justified the killing of two suspected thugs by police officers. He was quoted as saying:


I buried a corporal from Kayole yesterday. The same gangsters shot dead another officer yesterday. Tell all gangsters out there that when they kill an officer I am ruthless and they will get it from me.”

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