Wednesday, March 26, 2014

What Does Hellon the Jazz Maestro Posses That Turns The People He Works With Into Zombies.......

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He is arguably one of the best jazz maestro in Kenya and Africa by extension. His life though is full of controversies. Check out what has happened with the celebrities he was worked for
Esther Arunga: Former KTN Anchor
She was at the peak of her career when Hellon plucked her from KTN and introduced her to the cultish Finger of God Church. Esther Arunga, the enviable news anchor we all loved became a staunch devotee of Finger of God. Arunga started harboring ambitions of becoming Hellon’s running mate in 2012 general elections and the two appeared on TV shows to expound on their manifesto. To date Esther Arunga faculties are questionable thanks to her association with the Jazz Maestro.
Ruth Matete: TPF 5 Winner
The Vocally gifted Ruth Matete came to the limelight thanks to her participation in TPF Season 5 where she emerged the overall winner bagging the Sh5 million grand prize. Then she got involved with Hellon as the lead singer in his band and hell broke loose. Her steady decline started manifesting itself almost immediately. Ruth Matete behavior became erratic with a section of the media claiming that she had gone bonkers. What is evident is that Matete can only rise to stardom if she disengages from Hell-on.
The late Amon
When Amon, a renowned pianist passed away following a tragic road accident it was expected that his former boss, Hellon would grace his farewell concert but he gave it a wide berth. Amon had played in Hellon’s band for almost three years but the two fell out when he moved to another band. Hellon did not even bother to send a message of condolences leave alone a contribution for a guy he worked for three good years!!

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