Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Yawa Dancers: The Finest Dance Crew From K-City…

For 6 years Yawa dancers have distinguished themselves as the best dance crew from K-City. The dance crew performance at the Sakata dance competition was sterling where they emerged runner-ups. Here is an interview they granted The Informer….

TI: How long has Yawa dancers’ crew been in existence?
Yawa:The group came into existence in 2009. Dan, our director, held auditions and selected the best dancers to be part of Yawa Crew.

TI: How many are you in the group?
Yawa: Yawa is made of 12 professional dancers.

TI: What type of dance styles does Yawa specialize in?
Yawa: We are not confined to a certain style although we have a bias for African Contemporary dance

TI: Have you been featured in any videos?
Yawa: We have been featured in a couple of videos from Kisumu artists

TI: Do you have any menthorship program for upstarts dancers?
Yawa: We mentor young dancers by holding auditions and training them. The young dancers also known as Yawa Annex graduate thereafter to Yawa Professional dancers.

TI:Have you won any awards?
Yawa: The group has been nominated for a number of awards but we haven’t bagged any yet.

TI: Does dancing pay your bills?
Yawa: Dancing partly pays our bills from the numerous cooperate, weddings and private perfomances we get. We also offer dance classes at a fee.

TI: Has the group participated in any dance competition?
Yawa: Yes. We participated in Sakata dance season 2 and 4 were we emerged 1st and 2nd runners-up respectively.

TI: Where do you see yourselves in the Next five years?
Yawa: In the next five year we want to establish a dance academy in Kisumu where all kinds of art related items can be nurtured and exposed. The sky is the limit

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