Thursday, May 1, 2014

Tender Ooko who appeared on Tujuane Show Housed by an Elderly woman to the Chagrin of her Daughter

The infamous Tender Ooko who sprung to the national limelight for appearing on Tujuane TV show is being housed by a woman in her 40’s to the chagrin of her daughter. It is alleged that a steamy relationship between Tender and the lady began when she went to her house in Kitengela to do her nails and a massage. Since Saturday Tender has been busy preparing tea and doing laundry for the lady and he does not seem in a hurry to leave.
This is the email I got from the source of this piece:
surely its too much now. my mum is a single parent n we liv in kitengela. she came with that rude tujuane dude called tender to do her nail and massage. since sato, the guy has refused to liv the house, pretending to b making tea n doing laundry 4 mum. i knw he is afta our money n i suspect theyr havin an affair. bt y cant he luk 4 gals his age? nkt. my mum is in her 40s. please ashame this guy to liv our house...n he is busy washing cloths in this pic jst to please mum. nkt!he shld luk 4 his own money n not depend on older women, as if my mum is a sugar mummy. Hes such a luza n a shame to the hardworking men. Thats him washing clothz..lets ashame this dude,my name is &&&&&&,n here is my number is ********* thanx

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