A 13 year Old Punches His Classmate to Death over an argument on who should Access the Toilet First…


A 13 year old pupil punched his 12 year classmate to death following an argument on who should be the first to use the school toilet facility. The two pupils of Frontline Primary School in Uganda engaged in a fist fight that resulted in the death of Fatina Namaganda.
The suspect, whose identity has been withheld because he is a minor, punched the deceased several times on the abdomen as the teachers looked on. They only intervened when the brawl got out of control. The head teacher, Mr. Patrick Etyang, has been arrested for negligence. Meanwhile police are hunting for the suspect who is in the run. Postmortem results have revealed that Namaganda died from internal bleeding as a result of the blows inflicted on her abdomen and head.

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