Sunday, November 23, 2014

Al Shabaab Rubbishes Claims by the Deputy President That Their Mujahideen Who were Involved In The Bus Attack Have Been Killed

The Kenya government tried to sanitize the heinous killing of innocent civilians by claiming it had decimated over 100 Al Shabaab militants and destroyed their basis. This claims made by the Deputy President, William Ruto, have been rubbished by the Al Shabaab militants. According to the Al Shabaab spokesman, the ruthless killers who are trying to fuel a religious war between Christian and Muslims, carried a successful operation and all the militants are safe. The statement read:

We have seen the absurd claim by the Kenyan authorities that they killed our Mujahideen who carried out the Mandera attack, a totally baseless claim. We confirm that our heroic Mujahideen are safe and didn’t face any attack the successful operation they carried out by the grace of Allah. Claim like these are spewed by the Kenyan authorities to cover up their failure to secure the safety of their people.
Sheikh abdi aziz
Military Spokesman,Al Shabaab

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