Saturday, November 8, 2014

Betty Bayo: On Cheating and her Husband 310 Ministry

Betty Bayo expertly evaded questions that Larry Madowo asked about her con-husband ministry and their relationship when she appeared on the trend. When she was asked if she knew that her husband ‘Dr. Bishop Kanyari’ was a fraudster who was milking his flock, the Eleventh Hour singer feigned ignorance. Betty claimed that she is not a member of her husband church and only knew about his conning ways when she appeared on the trend.

When asked if she contemplated divorcing, the evasive Betty Bayo said that she was praying over the issue. The gospel sensation has denied cheating on her husband: “How can people be so malicious? When did taking photos with a man become an affair? I am hurting after the recent events and this issue of alleged infidelity is like rubbing salt into a wound”, she told the Nairobian. This is after bloggers posted a photo of Bayo being held tightly by unidentified man.

Bayo has however admitted that their marriage has been on the rocks and the couple who have a two year old daughter haven’t been living together for the past one year. Apart from conning his unsuspecting flock before the expose on KTN, Kanyari is known for siring children out of wedlock. Kanyari maybe end up in Jail if the DPP makes good is assertion that the man of God will be prosecuted.

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Anonymous said...

maybe its high time kenyans learnt to place the cart behind the horse.while trying to build up on stories,it is wise to keep in mind that self interest should abhorred with immediate effect.who know mohamed ali ploy with the christian religion in kenyan?arent there anything worth exposing from the muslim playground?maybe mob psychology has propelled moha and his counterparts but its high time kenyans embraced andtrusted their instincts......moha should not define the fate of christian....blackening christians to uplift muslims wont work