Friday, November 21, 2014

Bukusu Man Who Caused A Sensation By Marrying Asian Lover Rescues Her After She Was Kidnapped From Lugulu Hospital By Relatives

The Kenyan media went on a frenzy mode when 25 year old Timothy Khamala married his Asian 25 year old lover Sarika Patel against the wishes of her parents. Sarika, who has been playing the loyal wife, was allegedly kidnapped from Lugulu Hospital where she had gone to receive treatment by her family. “She had been unwell, and because I was busy with some work, she went to Lugulu Hospital for treatment,” Her Bukusu lover told a Weekly magazine.

Timothy attempts to reach Sarika were futile as her phone was switched off when she failed to turn up by sunset. The now worried Timothy was to later learn that her lover had been ferried to Nairobi for further treatment without his knowledge.
Sarika was to call on November 12 telling him that she had been kidnapped. “She was whispering into the phone and asked me to come rescue her. She told me she had been kidnapped by her family and was held at a family-owned apartment in Westlands, Nairobi,” Khamala told the Magazine.

With the help of professionals from Western Kenya, Khamala was provided with transport to travel to Nairobi on the rescue mission. He was accompanied with professionals to the family Westland apartment were the group was denied entry by the security guards. The family even tried to pay Khamala to leave their daughter alone. They went back a second time after their first visitor wasn’t fruitful.

“We went back to Westlands but weren’t allowed in until about 7.30pm. Several of Sarika’s uncles tried talking us out of the mission and asked Khamala to accept a handsome reward instead. But we stuck to our guns,” says Dr Walela who accompanied the disgruntled husband.

Sarika who joined the meeting later turned down demands by her relatives and instead said that she wanted to accompany her husband back home forcing the troublesome relatives to give in.

Kenyan Asians are generally a reclusive lot who abhor the thought of their children being married to indigenous Kenyans.

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