Thursday, November 27, 2014

Caroline Mutoko Is a Rich Arrogant Show Off...And This is why

The manner in which former Kiss 100 FM presenter, Caroline Mutoko, behaved in the just concluded Property Reality Company Limited (PRC) open day where she was a guest speaker left a lot to be desired. The event by PRC was geared towards encouraging young people to invest in land.

According Trending News, the former radio queen made some uncalled for demands immediately she stepped out of her Sh7 million Land-cruiser V8. She demanded to provided security as she walked to the VIP tent that was hardly 100 metres from the parking lot. Carol, unlike the other speakers, bragged that she owned half of Kiserian.

She dismissed some of her fans who had gone to ask for her autograph as she was leaving the venue. She was overheard saying:

“I am so busy, any-minute in my life is so precious. You could have informed my personal assistant ten minutes earlier.” She was over-heard saying as she headed to the parking lot under the watch of two security men.

It seems fame and fortune have gone to her head....

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