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Check out the Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgeries Ever

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Celebrities and looks are synonymous. Looks to them is everything and surgeon’s calendar are always busy with an actress or actor for a boob job, nose job, liposuction and the works. While some of the procedures turn out successful, a good number of celebrities have come out of the surgical rooms worse than they went in. Will take a look at some of the worst celebrity surgery then went awfully wrong.
Donatella Versace
Her dalliance with plastic surgery can be traced in the 90’s. The 58 year old Italian born designer and current vice president of Versace penchant for plastic surgery is renowned. Some of the evident adjustments include her lips and nose. She has however attributed her youthful look to a beauty regimen that she follows religiously. Donatella Versace prominently features in the faux pas of plastic surgery.
Jocelyn Wildenstein: The cat woman
Why you would spend over $4 million dollars on surgical procedure to resemble a feline is beyond anybody’s guess. Well, it is reported that she went through the series to impress her husband. Her relationship with surgeries began when her marriage of 20 years went south. Jocelyn Wildenstein, a well known socialite in the New York circles, has had numerous procedures that include eyebrow lift, breast augmentation, facelifts, cheek implant and a host of other surgeries. She earned the moniker thanks to her feline like look.

La Toya Jackson
King of pop, the late Michael Jackson and her sister La Toya Jackson never saw eye to eye. The two, however, seemed to find solace in plastic surgery and seemed to be inclined to the same surgeon. Some of the procedures she underwent include cheek and chin implant and pointy nose ala Michael Jackson.
Tara Reid
She captured our imagination when she played Vicky in American Pie. Attention is now drawn to her rather unspectacular breast implants and liposuction that she received 10 years ago. Her breast scars aside her tummy is all bulgy and ripply. In 2006 Tara Reid underwent reconstructive surgery and 3 years later posed for Playboy to showcase her now fixed plastic surgery.
Scott "Carrot Top" Thompson
He is a top contender in the list of the most horrid celebrity plastic surgery. The comedian appears to be the subject of botox injection, eyebrow lift and use steroids thanks to his sudden muscular physique.

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