Sunday, November 30, 2014

Couple Found Dead In Puzzling Circumstances, Their Three Children Still Missing….

Mr. Paul Muga and Wife Lydia Wangui
Photo: Courtesy
The mystery surrounding the death of Mr Magu, his wife and the disappearance of their three children continues to puzzle his family, detectives and neighbors. The late Magu, who has been described as a loner, reportedly approached one of his neighbors with a rather curious request: If he would mind taking care of his kids in the eventuality of his death.
According to a local daily, Mr Magu whose body was found on Garissa road apparently hit by a bus heading for Nairobi from Garissa, had even requested for the neighbor’s ID number to be given to his lawyer. His wife Lydia Wangui had earlier been found dead and allegedly dropped by two people by the roadside near Thika hotel. Detectives found a suicide note that is believed to have been written by the lawyer that read:
“I cannot live in ridicule and embarrassment resulting from poverty. Let it be.”
The sleuths also found a lot of blood in the couples bedroom and indications of struggle-. The househelp told the detectives that a woman pastor held prayer session with the lawyer in the bedroom on more than one occasion.
The lawyer’s brother, Andrew Muhiu, said that is brother quit a lucrative career as a lawyer four years ago to serve God. He owned several cars and an enviable lifestyle all that changed when he joined Faith Evengalical Ministry.
The missing children are: Allen, 9, Ryan, 8 and Tiffany Muthoni , 5 year are still missing.
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