Dj Mo Arrested By Police Officers In Naivasha For Breaking The Law And Trying To Put Up A Fight…….


#STAR BOY MR.SEED @MrSeed_Muzik · 9h 9 hours ago
Police harrasing @DJMOKENYA and @Size8Reborn such a shame to this police men at naivasha

DJ Mo was arrested by traffic police officers in Naivasha after failing to part with a bribe, according to Mr Seed. The officers stopped his car allegedly for being tinted. On the photos however it’s like DJ Mo is trying to fight the police officers in a sign of defiance.

This is an account of gospel singer Mr Seed Who witnessed the event that led to DJ Mo Arrest

“I was driving from my concert at Kitale when I saw two police men harassing DJ MO. I had to alight from my car to go and find out what was happening and that’s when I saw told by the police that dj Mo had tinted his car windows. This surprised me as the car DJ MO has been driving has little specks of tint and he has never had a problem with the police since he bought the car.
The police on noticing that they had a complaint to make they asked DJ MO to pay a bribe and as a Christian he refused to pay bribe and that’s when the confrontation started. They argued for some time and they decided to take him to the station in Naivasha”

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