Dr Bishop Kanyari Accuses Mike Sonko Of Conning Him Sh500,000 Claims The Senator Denies


Controversial self styled ‘Dr Bishop’ Kanyari is in the news this time round claiming that Nairobi Senator Mike Mbuvi Sonko conned him KES 500,000. Those allegations have been rubbished by Sonko who says he hasn’t had any business dealings with the Bishop. Kanyari on his part said that Sonko had told him a prominent family wanted to be prayed for at a cost of Sh24 million. “I know him and a lot of other bishops but I have never done business with anyone of them. If Kanyari says I conned him, let him come forward with evidence,” Sonko dared him.

According to Kanyari, Sonko insisted on getting his cut upfront which the Bishop gave him after raising the amount from friends. Kanyari states that the deal was hoax and the senator even made attempts to have him arrested.
“They wanted to arrest me for maligning the name of the senator,” he said. “Anyway, I have forgiven and forgotten the incident. Sonko and I are now friends but I am very careful around him. Sh500,000 is a lot of money my brother,” He told The Standard.

Meanwhile Sonko has castigated fake prophets and asked the DPP to take legal actions against such rogue pastors.He took a swipe at men of cloth who are interested in political position in what seemed to be directed to Bishop Margaret Wanjiru:
“She is a church leader yet instead of preaching, she is busy bad-mouthing her opponents for political mileage. I wonder what example she is setting for her followers,” Sonko said.

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