Friday, November 21, 2014

Emmanuel Adebayor Mother Now Selling Polythene Bags In The Border of Ghana and Togo After Being Chased From Her Home On Allegation of Using Juju To Ruin His Son Career

Prolific Tottenham Hotspur striker and Togo international, Emmanuel Adebayor, has chased away his mother from their home on allegations that she is practicing Juju to frustrate his career. The 30 year old striker told a Ghanaian radio station that he was not in good terms with the mother for using Juju to ruin his career.

'How am I going to be in touch with my mum if my mum is the one telling everyone that my work will not go forward, so I will just be on my side and do my thing.
"They should stop talking, talking. They should stop doing juju on me; they should leave me alone. They don't listen to me so I don't know how to solve this now. Obviously I am not a pastor, I am a footballer so I cannot point out a witch."

According to Adebayor’s sister, their mother is now selling cheap junk to make ends meet while the son in swimming in money.

"As at now, our mother is selling polythene bags, padlocks and other things on the Ghana-Togo border.
"Our mother has not seen him for more than a year and he rejects her calls any time.
"Our mother is not calling him for his money, she just wants to see him because she loves him very much," his sister said

Adebayor form is at its lowest with at White Hart Lane and for good measure he has to find a scapegoat to blame.

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