Friday, November 14, 2014

Geoffrey Matheri: How He Killed 50 Women and 100 Men, Drunk His Victims Blood, Eat Their Body Parts And Delivered blood to New Hope All Nations Church

The ease with which Geoffrey Matheri alias Fungo narrated to casefiles how he killed and ate his victims, drained and drunk their blood was chilling. The self confessed vampire reportedly told officers who arrested him in 2008 that he was instructed by his then Bishop Jeremiah Parangyo of New Hope All Nations Church to commit the veil acts and sell the body parts to the religious sect. Two women, Naomi Wanjiru and Esther Akinyi, were rescued in his Kihito slum house in deplorable state and a body was found buried in his house under his bed.

The Naivasha vampire claims that he used to drain his victim’s blood, pack in bottles and deliver to the pastor in his church between 7PM and midnight. He said he made enough money to build a house and purchase two matatus.

He was under instructions to kill and deliver female breasts and penis of every man he killed and blood from his victims. His killing spree reached a point where he killed for the sake of it. Matheri fed on the hands the people he killed and chopped some of their body parts.

He claims that he received special powers after drinking a concoction given by the pastor and he would simply greet his victims who would follow him to his house where he would proceed to kill them. “I killed so many people that I hang their body parts in my house like meat in a butchery. I never bought meat as I feasted on human flesh and drank their blood. I took so much blood to the pastor in exchange for money. Whenever I failed to get human flesh, I would eat dogs instead”. Matheri said.

When asked how many people he had killed he said: “I killed about 50 women and over 100 men between Nairobi and Nakuru. At times, I would leave dead bodies across railway lines to be run over by trains. In Nairobi, I operated mostly in the slums of Soweto, Mathare and Kawangware. The woman I killed and buried under my bed was from Mathare. Killing a human being to me was just like swatting an insect”. Matheri was sentenced to four years in prison on the count of Kidnapping.
Chilling indeed.

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