Saturday, November 22, 2014

Gidi Gidi Is An Alcohol Addict And A Dog For Guzzling Sh20,000 Worth Of Alcohol And Expecting Alai To Foot The Bill…

The viciousness and the rate at which Robert Alai is making new foes is unprecedented. A couple of weeks ago he invited his many fans and Gor supporters for his birthday party that was held in Carnivore. Alai was to buy chicken in plenty for his guests but not drinks which he informed them earlier through a post on his twitter account.

It seems Gidi Gidi did not get the message as he guzzled alcohol worth Sh20,000 with the expectations that Alai would foot the bill. When the controversial blogger learnt about the new development he stormed out of carnivore leaving the guests to foot their bills. Gidi Gidi was not impressed and took to Gor Mahia fan page to attack Alai. That was the genesis of the exchange of words with Alai calling Gidi an addict and a dog…
This is how it went down..

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