Gospel Artistes Are Hypocrites Who Spend Big Bucks On Videos And Latest Designer Wear But Cannot Help One Of Their Own, Ringtones Claims After Gospel Artistes Failed To Make Contributions To Go Towards Bishop Ben Bahati Funeral Arrangements…..


Gospel artistes are hypocrites who spend big bucks on their videos and trend in the latest fashion but cannot help one of their own. This is the message a visibly pissed Ringtone was putting across when his fellow Gospel artistes could not even contribute a single cent to go towards the funeral arrangements of the late Bishop Ben Bahati.
He was quoted by a section of the media as saying:

How is this possible? Aren’t these the same guys who show off in their music videos? The same guys who are always dressed in the latest fashion? The same guys who spend an arm and a leg on hair care every week or so?

The straight talking artiste said it was only Jimmy Gait who made a contribution while the rest of the gospel fraternity were busy taking selfies in a somber gathering.

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